Unpressurised Drain Back

At peak times, up to 80% of usable solar energy can be transformed into domestic heat. Over the year, Daikin solar thermal systems can provide up to 60% of the hot water needs for an average household.  In combination with solar collectors, Daikin heating products maximise the use of renewable free energy from the environment, therefore delivering highest energy utilisation and very low environmental impact.*Download technical specification* [938,28 Kb]

Daikin solar thermal systems are available for indirect pressurised and drainback systems.

solar collector100
Daikin solar thermal system-solar collector

Drainback systems

Drainback systems, for use with high temperature heat pump, are available in packs of one, two, three, four or five panels, in horizontal or vertical orientation. They are also available for profiled or slate type tiles for red or anthracite roof.

The solar collectors are only filled with water when enough heat is provided by the sun.  In this case, pumps in both the control unit and the pump unit switch on and fill the collectors with water from the thermal store in less than a minute.

System elements:

The Drainback Solar Pack includes:

Flat plate collectors
Roof brackets for concrete/profiled tiles x 4
Mounting rail for panel
Hydraulic connection kit including Anthracite and red roof cowl
Solar controller & pump station
Coupling kit for multiple panels.

Features and benefits:

High efficiency flat plate collectors
Quick and easy connection of panels
Robust panel design
Selective coating on absorber
Strong solar glass cover
Intelligent control for optimum utilisation of the solar energy
Simple and reliable technology
Reduces emissions of heating system

Solar Keymark certification

keymark Daikin Solar collectors have Solar Keymark certification, the quality label for solar thermal products in Europe. This accreditation certifies that the solar collectors (models EKSV26P and EKSH26P) comply with EN 12975. The Solar Keymark certification helps customers to select quality assured solar collectors. Daikin solar collectors are now listed on the Solar Keymark Collector international database. For an up to date list of products awarded the Solar Keymark, go to www.estif.org/solarkeymark and click ‘products’.

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